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Wild Fire
Wildfires in central Greece


Country of Origin
Province of Origin


Ambient temperature
32 °C
Description of the Occurrence
Two major wildfires broke out in the area of Magnesia, Greece on 26 July, in Almyros and near Velestino.
These two wildfires add to the multiple wildfires in Greece starting from the 17th of July, 2023 and amid a persisting heatwave for a span of 16 to 17 days (potentially the lengthiest in history of Greece, surpassing the 1987 heatwave).


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Description of the Consequences
- Two deaths were attributed to the fires; the body of a 45-year-old shepherd was found in a rural area in the area of Magnesia on Wednesday, 26 July 2023 (as per the fire brigade), and the body of a woman found by the authorities earlier that day (as per the state TV ERT).

- The wildfires managed to reach a military warehouse in Nea Anchialos Air Base, causing massive explosions and blasts.

- A major wine co-operative just outside Nea Anchialos went up in flames and the Industrial Zone of Volos was also affected by the wildfires.
The Nea Anchialos town was evacuated as a precaution measure.

- The wildfire burned on three fronts and forced a section of Greeceā€™s busiest highway to close for several hours, while national rail services passing through the area were delayed.
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